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The women are the strong ones, truly.

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10 ASOIAF moments I want to see onscreen »

“I am unwed,” announced Left-Hand Lucas Codd.
          “And for good reason,” Asha said, “All women do despise the Codds as well. Don’t look at me so mournful, Lucas. You still have your famous hand.” She made a pumping motion with her fist.
          Codd cursed, till the Crow’s Eye put a hand upon his chest. “Was that courteous, Asha? You have wounded Lucas to the quick.”
          “Easier than wounding him in the prick. I throw an axe as well as any man, but when the target is so small…”
          “The girl forgets herself,” snarled Pinchface Jon Myre. “Balon let her believe she was a man.”
          “Your father made the same mistake with you,” said Asha.
          “Give her to me, Euron,” suggested the Red Oarsman. “I’ll spank her till her arse is as red as my hair.”
          “Come try,” said Asha, “and hereafter we can call you the Red Eunuch.” A throwing axe was in her hand. She tossed it in the air and caught it deftly.

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